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Access to our revolutionary guitar lessons, from total beginner to an advanced level! Get an explosive progression with high quality video tutorials. Play the most famous guitar songs with their guitar tabs! Whether you play acoustic (classical or folk) or electric guitar, you’ll discover easy songs with arpeggios, practice your first chords or improvise on guitar scales!
Get a taste of our pedagogy with this optimized method to learn the guitar or improve your skills :
– Thousands of video guitar lessons in HD, detailed step by step with the music sheet displayed on screen.
– Exercises with interactive guitar tabs that corrects you automatically by detecting the sound of your guitar through the inbuilt microphone of your smartphone or tablet. Cherry on the cake? It comes with a backing track of the song for you to play along!
To be even more precise, as we said, an interactive exercise is a guitar tab that uses the inbuilt microphone of your device to detect the sound of your guitar. You don’t have to plug it anywhere and you’ll know in live if you play the right notes or the wrong ones, like in a videogame! The recommended position of fingers is displayed at all time to help you play chords or optimize your guitar solos. You can even adapt the tempo (or execution speed) of each exercise. Slow down the rhythm and increase it progressively to learn faster and better!
Tools are integrated so you can find a guitar tuner, a metronome, a chord dictionary and tchat to speak with the other pupils in a single application.
Our tutorials are made according to our pupils. If you can’t find the song you desire to learn on the guitar, suggest it to us by mail MyMusicTeacher@ we read them all !
By learning the guitar with us, you will know how to read a guitar tab, play our entire chord dictionary or many guitar solos! If you’re scared of barre chords, bends, or the sweep picking technic, well, fear no more; we have a complete range of progressive exercises to improve your agility efficiently! Our pedagogy is built around three pillars:
– We offer you exercises and guitar tab evolving according to your current level: beginner, intermediate or advanced.
– We take for account the music styles you love. We have plenty of rock lessons, blues schemes, jazz, metal, folk, classical, reggae or pop songs to motivate you!
– We give you all the means necessary to get better with a virtual guitar teacher and fun exercises.
Try our guitar lessons in English for free by selecting the starting difficulty (beginner, intermediate or advanced). Three free famous songs and a chapter will be available for trial. Then you can access our guitar tutorials and tabs by paying a monthly subscription for only € a month or by buying the songs or chapters one by one. (Interactive guitar tab : €, learning chapter : €). We also offer bass lessons : simply chose the instrument you want to learn in the Settings.
Here are some songs we teach on our application and that you could master like a pro :

– Some rock and hard rock with « AC/DC » or « Airbourne ». The incredible guitar riffs to rock your socks off.
– Some punk with « The Clash », to heat up your electric guitar and amp simulator!
– Some great English classics with the rhythms of « The Beatles »
– Some pop and variety with the guitar tab of the song « Need you now » or « say you won’t let go »
– Spanish and Mexican flamenco with the incredible duet « Rodrigo y Gabriela »
– Some acoustic guitar or gipsy jazz withe the Guitar Hero « Django Reinhardt »

Our Android application is also available on PC, MAC and IOs, download it on

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